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Friday, April 1, 2011

Transfer Nokia contact to Blackberry

Transfer Nokia contact to Blackberry


transfer from nokia to blackberry

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1> Write All Contacts in file in vCard Format
2> Convert it into XML format
3> Send XML file to BlackBerry device via Bluetooth Device
4> Received XML file and parse XML file in BlackBerry Device (using another application )
5> Add Contact in its Contacts

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When i got my new Blackberry Bold 9000, i have a little problem since my old phone Nokia N70 have a lot of contact information, it’s about 480 contact lists. Well, i almost give up in order to move them all to my new Blackberry Bold 9000. After a couple try, finally i got the solution on how to transfer Nokia contact list to Blackberry. It’s not difficult as i am thinking before. What should i do is only following the tips below:
  1. Backup the contact list from Nokia using Nokia PC Suite.
  2. Then you will have the backup file which extension is .nbu
  3. Now you have to convert the .nbu file to .ipd (Blackberry backup extension file) using ABC Amber NBU Converter as it’s free software you only need to download it from here
  4. After converting to .ipd extension file, then you have to transfer it to your Blackberry phone using Blackberry Desktop Manager.

The way that I would do it (this is partially in hindsight because I didn't do it this way) if I had to transfer the contacts from my Nokia E62 to my BB 8800 would be as follows:

1) Use PC Suite and sync with Outlook. Within Outlook, back up to .csv as a fallback.

2) Install the BB desktop software and sync with Outlook. All contacts come over perfectly.

Outlook Express works, however I had odd addressfield mappings (which surprised me), I would lose say, home address fields. I don't have this problem with Outlook, it works perfectly without manual field mapping.

"Wait", you say, "I don't have Outlook and don't want to get it just for this!". If you can get ahold of Outlook, even a 30-day trial version of MS-Office, it's worth the trouble to install IMO. If you go onto the MS site, they do only offer *2007 versions now, but older ones (I used 2003) can be found on the net -- I am talking legit trial/eval versions here (although I'm sure there are not-so-legit versions out there). Outlook 2007 may in fact work, I don't know, I didn't try, figuring it was "too new".


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