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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MTS Micromax c111 100 % "blinking" solution

Here the step by step process REMEMBER USE FULL CHARGED BATTERY

1. Remove the old micromax c111 usb driver first or Update from Attahed.
2. Press 1 + 3 + pwr to go download Mode.
3. Attach the Motorola v3 Usb Cable.
4. Install by New Diagnostic Cable Driver (Attached)
5. Install New Emergency flasher AND open config file (Attached)
6. In the Config setting in "N1_COMValue=COM2" set required port and save it.
7. Remove the tick or Untick on N2 , N3 AND ALL N?.
8. Open the flasher and select Micromax c111 Original flash file with name "config.hmbn" in file folder.
9. Then click on start and w8 for 2-4 min approx.
10. Now the set is alive in your hand.

Atteched files
1. New Diagnostic Cable Driver
2. New Emergency flasher
3. Micromax c111 Original flash

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