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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vodafone Modem K3770z Unlocking Via Dashboard

Vodafone Modem K3770z

K3770z Download Tool.rar - - online file sharing and storage - download - a.k. Singh
K3770z Unlock_file.rar - - online file sharing and storage - download - a.k. Singh

This modem can be unlocked via dashboard change
After Unlocking speed almost double up 7.2 to 14.4 mbps

Download and extract both files ob desktop
Plug in modem let the original software run and install the modem drivers
make sure from device manager all drivers are installed and ports are successfully created.

Now open K3770z downloader_original.exe
Modem port will be automatically detected
Click on software version and browse to Unlock file folder

Press the big arrow next to visible detected port
Modem will be flashed with new Dashboard

Wait till Software finishes the job
All Done !!!

Note : Few peoples are selling this as protected solution
@ Rs.8000 and less also
So called "Dealers" they had been quoted Rs.6000 ,though original vendor is selling it at lesser price Rs.5xxx
So better the solution must be free !!!
No hard feelings please

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